Justice Served! Wretched Anti-German Politician Found Dead in Garden

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Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

Walter Lübcke will forever go down as one of the worst politicians in history and a traitor to the German people.

If there is anything sad about this death, it is that we cannot be sure that Walter suffered enough before he died.


The president of the regional council of the central German city of Kassel was found dead in his garden early Sunday morning. He was shot with a short-barreled weapon from a short distance, according to investigators. There was no indication of suicide.
This is one of the most famous pro-refugee politicians that came out of the "Syrian" Migrant crisis that gripped Europe five years ago.

Here he is, telling the German people that they have no choice but to accept 800 migrants in their town.

He added that if they don’t agree to it, they should leave town.

Police said they were looking for a perpetrator and investigating in "all directions." However, there was yet no information about possible suspects or a motive. Authorities also refused to answer most reporters' questions about the apparent crime, citing ongoing investigation.

Regional news outlet HNA reported that Lübcke had been found with a bullet wound to his head and that police had found no weapon at the scene.

Lübcke was a member of Angela Merkel’s center-right CDU party. The CDU described the Lübcke as a “bridge builder” who never shied away from “telling it as it is.”

Lübcke also added insult to injury by building a disgusting obelisk in the center of town dedicated to the occupiers.

Less often cited by the media was Walter Lübcke’s proclivity for migrant cock. Close friends say that the veteran politician never came across a migrant cock that he could say no to. “Give me those cocks, give me all those migrant cocks!” - Walter would often say.

The conservative politician led the Kassel government for 10 years, taking on the post of regional president in May 2009. He had served as a state lawmaker for ten years before that. He is survived by a wife, two sons, and a grandson.
He's also survived by thousands of his adopted brown children running amok in the town.

Now the speculation begins: who performed this act of public service and why?

No one is arguing that a patriotic German taking revenge would be an amazing White Pill, but I contend that a gay migrant lover having done the deed would be cosmic karma and far lulzier.

So that’s what I’m hoping for.

Besides, we all know that we, as a society, can always rely on migrants to do the dirty jobs that the natives simply won’t do themselves.


I won´t miss him.



This sounds more like a legitimate act of a patriot than these mass shootings of synagogues and mosques. Those mass shootings are just terrible optics which bolster the state. An act like this puts every traitorous anti-white politician in a state of constant fear.


This is what faces traitors


Can’t control the tears…of joy!


It’s just part and parcel of living in a multicultural society.


I hope his grave gets vandalized, as Ebba Akerlund’s was. Death isn’t justice enough. These people should be erased from history. Everyone from John McCain to Churchill, to Lyndon B Johnson, to George H W Bush should be dug up, dumped into raw sewage, and have all memorials and grave stones pulverized into gravel. It’s what the Ancient Egyptians did to their political pariahs.


I’m guessing it was random brown violence.


Good. It would be delightful to learn that one of his migrant pets is responsible.


Why didn’t they kill the family, if this was a revenge attack? As white people are kept out of decent employment many will betray us to help their family. I assumed a revenge attack would kill the family to show treason does not pay.

As RB say, this could be a brown cock encounter that went wrong.


Could be climate change…


Some assassins regard the wives and children off limits.


I was thinking this was just more Jewish demands for holocaust reparations. A German life for sacrifice to their demon god.


When the crime is the the murder of our people?


Call me a paranoid, but I detect the stink of Mossad. This was all too slick and professional. Big Jew has been complaining lately the raghead refugees are highly antisemitic and antizionist. There’s also a lot of rumors that Merkel wants to put together an army of foreigners as Frederick the Great did. Big Jew intervened…the case will never be solved.


It’s remarkably similar to that governor in Minnesota who told people to leave the state if they didn’t like being flooded with ‘refugees’.

He is unfortunately still alive, despite having cancer and collapsing during a speech.


Same should happen to all traitors.


Traitors who trait?
Well today was good for sumfinn


To hear the beautiful sound of the lamentation